• the lifestyle of buyers,

• the purchase capacity for the acquisition of the property

• the time of commuting to work, schools, services, transports

• services, shops, available in the area

• communication by public transport and access roads to private transport


In most cases, the tendency is to analyze classical variables that the potential buyer of a property will consider.

The reality is that above these classic variables, the user is interested in monthly and annual cost of housing and its maintenance (taxes, insurance, community fees)

Aspects such as the quality of educational centers in the area, the proximity to green areas, neighborhood activities and factors related to their concerns and lifestyle.

The attributes of the property / housing, such as the location, surface, number of rooms and bathrooms, terraces, continue to be important variables, but they are always related to the family group, its style and quality of life.

The sensations and experiences on lifestyle, are of essential importance when it comes to high standing homes, very specific and important factors for the buyer, such as restaurants and fashion stores, the garden and spaces for pets, if there swimming pool, privacy, factors that are determinant for a large number of customers and buyers of this type of housing.

The buyer bases many of these elements to consider the parameters of the valuation of the property and uses comparisons with other products offered by the market in this area.

The property, level of it, luminosity, views, type of building, old, modern, classic, among other external elements such as economic activity in the area, noise levels, privacy.

All these elements and feelings of the potential buyer is the result of a real assessment of their needs and priorities

that many times are opposed to an assessment obtained by assessment tools provided by the market, based only on classical and closed parameters.

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