Documentation inherent to the moment of the public deed

Physical Person (s):

a) For residents in Spain:

• Spanish Nationality: Original of the National Identity Document (DN.I.) or original of the Passport. In the case of providing the Passport, you will have to prove the NIF (tax identification number).

• Nationality of a member country of the European Union: Original of the passport or identity card of your country and NIE,

• Of another nationality: Original of the Letter of Residence accompanied by the original of the passport.

b) For non-residents in Spain:

• Original of the passport or Identity Card of your country

• Tax Identification Number (NIF) in Spain.

Legal person domiciled in Spain:

• Original of the constitution document of the Company.

• Original document accrediting the powers of the person signing on behalf of the Company.

• Original Identity Document (DN.I. or passport) of the Company’s representative.

Legal person domiciled outside of Spain:

• Original of the incorporation document of the Company duly apostilled.

• Original document accrediting the faculties of the person signing on behalf of the Company duly apostilled.

• NIF (Tax Identification Number) in Spain.

• Original of the Identity Document (identity card or passport) of the representative of the Company.

• In case the Notary requests it, must present a sworn translation of the documents. It is advisable that you do it in Spain given that the apostille of the sworn translator’s signature will not be necessary.

Original Documentation of the Property:

1. Original title of property

• Deed of purchase, judicial order of adjudication, acceptance of inheritance, etc.

• Previous contracts inherent to the purchase

2. Original of the urban contribution receipt (IBI) for the current year or the previous year

3. If the property is encumbered with a mortgage loan and is fully paid (canceled economically)

• “CERTIFICADO SALDO CERO” certificate provided by the Bank

• Certificate of registration cancellation of the mortgage (request)

4. If the mortgage loan is not fully paid

• PENDING LOAN certificate so that the PURCHASER can reserve the amount corresponding to said balance and deliver it to the Bank / Fund that holds the mortgage. In practice, it is advisable that at the time of the signing of the deed of sale, a responsible / proxy of the Bank appear for the correct operation of economic cancellation and subsequent cancellation of the mortgage registration.

• In addition, it must be foreseen that the SELLER will have to retain a provision of funds to pay the expenses of writing the cancellation,

5. Photocopy of all checks or transfers that have been made for the transmission of the property, so that the Notary can incorporate them in the deed of sale. In addition to justifications of transfers made previously indicating bank accounts of origin and destination.

6. Key sets of the property that is transmitted (object of purchase)

7. Original of the certificate of the Administrator of the Community that proves that there are no outstanding debts issued with date of the signature date of writing before a notary.

8. Photocopy of each of the following supplies :

• Water | Gas | Electricity


• Special contributions in the event that there are

9. Certificate of habitability

10. Energy certificate

11. certificate of technical inspection of the building (ITE) for buildings over 30 years old

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